Usmanco has a purpose built facility under the name Usman Enterprises for production of Nitto surgical tape and FA plaster. This is fully operational registered facility with a Drug manufacturing license from the drug regulatory authority. the facility conforms to GMP standards with a dedicated Quality control department managed by medical professionals to ensure quality standardization and carry out long-term stability studies. The production areas are equipped with Climate control and HVAC systems to prevent any external or environmental contamination. Automatic and semi-automatic machines designed and manufactured by our own team of engineers are used for production. The facility can operate 24 hours with minimal downtime allowing Usmanco to cater to the nationwide demand without delay. Moreover on site warehousing with designated Raw material, work in progress and finished goods storage area that span over 0000 sqft provide seamless material management. In future the facility can be used for production of other surgical and medical products with ample expansion space available for construction.

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