Who We Are

Usmanco is a leading marketing company involved in marketing and scientific promotion of specialized healthcare products in Pakistan. We offer our services in Pakistan as sole Distribution and Marketing organization.

Established in 1969 as a trading business of medical products Usmanco International started its humble beginnings from sales of china plaster. Today it is a high profile sales & marketing service organization, with principal offices located in Karachi and two branch offices in Lahore & Rawalpindi.

We operate in the niche of pain management which is part of the larger Healthcare industry. Our slogan "Let there be no Pain" is a proof of our unique identity in the field of medicine. Moreover, we are a concept generating company; the first one to propagate the concept of acute and chronic pain management in Pakistan, and also the first on to introduce the concept of regional anesthesia in Pakistan. Also the first virtual office, of Pain management, in Pakistan, was formed by Usmanco International.

We deal in a variety of medical products e.g. Intra Venous Cannula, Central Venous Catheters, I.V. Accessories, Surgical Sterile and examination latex gloves, Epidural kits, Spinal needle and sets, and other anesthetic injectable agents and many more in single use medical disposable accessories .

Usmanco International's versatile business strategy and robust marketing has given us a nationwide presence. Last year the company was present in over 100 small and large tenders

We are constantly in search of innovative products in field of medicine and Healthcare to enhance our portfolio and provide the public with cutting edge quality products in our mission to provide better healthcare for the masses.

We have represented companies such as BBraun, , Atrium, Euromed, Corin Medical, Tyco Healthcare and WRP successfully marketing their products in the local market over the years.

Currently we represent Bicakcilar Turkey, Fert Medical, Nitto Denko JP,Fosun Medical and Biomedical Italy carrying a diverse product portfolio that complies with various international quality standards ranging from GMP,FDA to TUV.


Established : 1969

Organization Objective : To provide quality health care Products to the people at an affordable price.

Nature of Business : Trading / Imports Marketing Distributions

Total Employees : Over 75. Staff : 100 (nationwide)

Distribution Network : National (Pan Country) with 50 - Sub Distributors

Warehousing : More than 6000 sq. ft

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