Heat & Moisture exchange filter

Viro moist F:

  • Meets AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines for minimum moisture output.
  • Low breathing resistance.
  • Luer-lock port for gas sampling.
  • Electrostatic filtration for attracting bacteria and viruses.
  • Co-axial connection ports for greater connector flexibility.
  • Hygroscopic additive for retaining humidity.
  • 99.999999% bacterial filtration &99.99% viral filtration.
Heat and Moisture Exchange Filter
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Three Way Stopcock (Fert)


  • 3-way valve, used for switching access or choosing different paths in clinical vein infusion treatment.
  • This device is composed of inlet cover, inletconnector, outletcover, outlet connector, 3-way valve,catheter,liquid closing device and liquid filter.
  • This product is used with vein infusion catheter.
Three Way Stopcock(Fert)
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Three Way Stopcock (Bicakcilar)

Three Way Stopcock:

  • For pressures up to 3 bar (47 PSI)
  • 360° rotation
  • Color coded arrows indicating flow direction
  • Transparent housing
  • Rotating male luer lock and two female luer lock connectors
Three Way Stopcock(Bicakcilar)
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